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Baseballtown’s Dream League – Opening Day

Opening day for Baseballtown’s Dream League was Saturday at the Savage 61 Dream Field in Temple. You can view the opening day trailer here.

The first home run was hit at Dream League Field on Tuesday night by Brett Howerter of Bally, PA. Brett was playing during the field’s opening week when he smashed the inaugural¬†home run out of the park.¬†

Dream League’s motto is “making dreams come true, one pitch at a time.” Baseballtown’s Dream League was started to provide everyone, regardless of ability, the opportunity to play America’s favorite past time. Savage 61 sponsored Dream Field, which was designed specifically for those with cognitive and physical disabilities. The field is made with a special turf field that is easily accessible for those in wheelchairs or walkers. The field is also flat and slightly smaller, allowing children with all abilities to participate fully and safely.

Dream League has no requirements or age barriers, and anyone is welcome to participate. Players are given “angels,” who will assist in making sure everyone is safe and encouraged throughout the game. Games will be played during the week and on weekends. If you are interested in signing up to play, or volunteer as an “angel,” please visit the Dream League website.