Back-To-School With an Exceptional Child

As July comes to and end, it is time to start thinking about the back-to-school season. This means backpacks and lunch boxes are already on store shelves, and kids are already whining about the impending end to summer. The anxiety of going back to school (or to school for the very first time) is stressful […]

John Paul II’s Annual Legacy Gala – A Huge Success

The 8th annual John Paul II Center for Special Learning’s Legacy Gala was held Saturday night in Reading. 650 people attended this year’s Gala, which took place at the DoubleTree by Hilton in downtown Reading. Last year’s Gala raised over $350,000 for the John Paul II Center. The final total for Saturday night has not […]

Baseballtown’s Dream League – Opening Day

Opening day for Baseballtown’s Dream League was Saturday at the Savage 61 Dream Field in Temple. You can view the opening day trailer here. The first home run was hit at Dream League Field on Tuesday night by Brett Howerter of Bally, PA. Brett was playing during the field’s opening week when he smashed the […]

Sensory-Friendly Opportunities

Many local businesses such as Chuck E. Cheese, and The Please Touch Museum are stepping up when it comes it accessibility for children with special needs. Even local barber shops, like Whiskers Barber Co. & Shave Parlor, have been recommended for their ability and willingness to work with children with special needs. Now we are […]

“The Silent Child” wins at the 2018 Oscars

“Deafness is a silent disability.” Rachel Shenton used American Sign Language to give her acceptance speech at the 90th Annual Academy Awards on Sunday night. “The Silent Child,” a short film about a deaf 4-year-old, took home the Academy Award for Best Short Film (Live Action). Shenton shared her excitement about the movie receiving such […]

Minneapolis is Breaking Ground on Police Interactions with the Special Needs Community

A new phone app has been launched, which is notifying police if they are pursuing someone with special needs. When officers approach someone wearing a special beacon, they will be notified of the person’s name, disabilities, and best method to approach the special needs individual. The app can even provide the officer with de-escalation techniques, […]